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Borghi 1819 Collection A/I 2018-2019

Collection A/I 2018-2019

Along with the classic “evergreens”, plain and yarn dyed, on the everlasting tones of heaven and earth, we have a natural evolution in the increasingly technological colors of the ’70s, and in the “structures” that merge the most daring jacquards with the latest plissé constructions, ranging from contemporary deconstructed fabrics to cotton-polyester poplins.
A complete set of weights, from voiles to super compact canvases, exalts a wide proposal of multi- faceted finishes – hand paper, washed, crude effect – and shows a universe of piece dyed colors.
A 360 degree cotton offer, placed in a vertical industrial context, satisfies every customer’s need for exclusivity. Borghi 1819 fabrics are featured in the collections of the best luxury brands all over the world.

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