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Autumn-Winter Collection 2018/2019

TBM Autumn-Winter Collection 2018/2019

Cotton has always been the protagonist of TBM collections, which, while keeping their identity intact, chooses innovation as a thread for Autumn-Winter. Searched fibers, such as Rayon and Lyocell, create unusual blends with cotton.
The collection is developed through various contrasts indispensable to each other as the Ying and the Yang: tradition and innovation, fluid and compact, faint and lively.
Three the inspirational themes of the entire collection.
Workwear, including very rough, rigid fabrics and strong resistances, monochromaticity is the protagonist with sporadic color accents in yarn dyed. Loungewear, characterized by light and fluid fabrics that match velvets of all types, ribs and brocades, for years the emblem of the company’s clever know-how. The reinterpretation of 1970’s , characterized eccentric combinations of bright colors.

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